Thursday, 10 March 2011

You wouldn't go to a networking event with a paper bag over your head !

So why,  why, why do people not have a photo on their  linkedin profile ?

No photo on your linkedin profile - a missed opportunity, was a discussion I started on linkedin last month. After 50 or so replies/comments there is a groundswell of opinion that says no photo  =  A  MASSIVE missed opportunity.

 Below is a selection of comments :

1) Maybe they have something to hide ?
 2) I want to see who I am talking to (even in cyberspace)
3) People like to see other people. It adds some credibility and potential customers like to have a picture of a face  rather than a faceless company
4)  I also feel that if someone isn’t willing to show the real them then I don’t see why I should connect with them or support them with feedback and ideas.
5)  A photo definitely adds credibility - people like - and need - to see who they are dealing with. People buy people NOT products and first impressions only takes a matter of seconds for people to make a number of judgements about another person...and that's before they even open their mouth!
6) I always think that no photo means a lack of commitment to LinkedIn - i.e. you can't be bothered. Why would someone take the trouble to connect with someone when they haven't filled in their details?
7) Having a photo also helps with recognition if you're looking to build relationships. If you've been to a networking event and collected a number of business cards from people you want to connect with online, having a photo can help them identify or recognise you and they are then (hopefully) more likely to accept your invitation.
 So there you have it  - you wouldn't have a brown paper bag covering your face when you were at a networking event - would you ?

What you waiting for - aim, click and  upload that photo now  !

PS - Thank you to all of you @ South Wales Business Contacts (linkedin group) who contributed to the debate and gave me such a rich source of material.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Ouch, wow, recovery - the Tesco way

My ten year old's face said it all !

We'd been told to bring the bike, we'd purchased from Tesco, back to them on the Monday  and that someone would assemble it. (Spot the crap dad with no DIY skills !)

So at 17.30 my wife rang " he's wanting to know when you'll be back to take the bike to Tesco".  "10 minutes" I said. 10 minutes later I was greeted by an enthusiastic cry of " Daddy" as I put the key in the front door.

A few minutes later I spotted a Tesco Manager close to their bike shop. I approached him  and  explained that we'd been told to bring the bike down for assembly. " Really sorry sir, but Dale is on holiday for 2 weeks" was the reply. My 10 year old's face said it all - his head dropped and he looked sooooo soooo sad ! Ouch !

It was suggested I go to customer services and ask them to phone the Newport store as they had a bike shop. The lady on customer services did this and she was told that as long as we got the bike there that evening they would  be able to look at it.

20 minutes later we were at the bike shop in Tesco Newport. A Manager came over to us and and said she was really sorry but that the bike shop closed 20 minutes ago. Double ouch !!  She apologised to us on behalf of Tesco and was sorry  that we'd been given incorrect information. She said she'd spoken to the Cardiff Store Manager and that he was happy to reimburse our petrol costs.

By this point we'd picked out a set of lights and a water bottle for the bike. "I'll charge those to Cardiff  and you can have them" she said.  Things were improving.

" Where do you live ?" She asked next. " I can take the bike in the back of my car to the Pengham Green Store in Cardiff tomorrow, when it has been assembled , to save you coming over to Newport". Blimey, result. " Yes please if you're sure" I said.  WOW & recovery !

Such a great example of two things
1) An individual going the extra mile - thanks Sian  at Tesco Newport
2) Ouch, Wow &; Recovery.

Research shows that customers whose problems are resolved are much more likely to stay loyal & to tell their friends how the organisation redeemed itself.

I'm still gobsmacked at the service that Sian  gave us. It really did turn a bad situation round, At the moment Tesco can do no wrong !