Thursday, 17 May 2012

The tweet departing from you will not be answered by Arriva Trains and ATW wont apologise for any inconvenience caused either

Do you know what, if you are on Twitter you need to be on Twitter.  Obvious right ?

You'd think so but @arrivatw haven't quite got the hang of it - yet !

All their tweets are promotional - broadcasting the term is.

When it comes to listening, they don't.

So whilst increased profits were announced recently - don't expect them to reply to your tweets. Their facebook page is pretty much the same - one way traffic.

Someone needs to explain to the marketing department that customer service is an important part of the marketing armoury. 

Anyway here are a selection of tweets missing replies presumed lost in cyberspace ?.

 My friend lost his wallet on one of your trains, has tried lost property 3 times and no-one has contacted him. Please call him!

Congratulations  for shutting an entrance to a station without any warning to do a bit of painting! In the morning commute!

  shame all stuck at heath high level with a train delayed for 20 mins at peak time. hope our ticket seller is cheery

 So. Your timetable forces passengers to wait 1 hour for 'connection' at Swansea for Llanelli? What kind of service is that?

Not surprising that they came bottom in the @engagemetindex survey of train companies service on Twitter
 It's about time brands were held to account on such matters.