Monday, 12 March 2012

So you think you can train !

Impact, presence, taking and responding to questions are all essential skills for both the trainer and anyone who is asked to give a presentation.

So clearly there is overlap and synergy in the skills required. But what skills would be required of a trainer rather than a presenter  ? and ...... if you are looking to take on a new trainer how should you design the assessment process to take into account the different skills required by a trainer? Good questions I hear you say and i'll endeavour to answer them in this blog post at a high level..

What skills does a trainer need ? 
  • The ability to ask questions & more importantly listen to the answers
  • The ability to design training interventions that take into account different learning styles
  • The ability to design training materials/aids that enhance the delegate's learning
  • The ability to observe the group and respond to non verbal clues
  • The ability to control the group and manage challenging delegates
  • The ability to train/facilitate learning rather than present
  • The ability to draw delegates together to reflect on their the learning from the activities
So - how can we make sure that our new trainer has these skills or the potential to develop them ?
  • Test the trainer's ability to conduct a simple training needs analysis (perhaps use a case study)
  • Test the trainer's ability to design a training session 
  • Test the trainer's ability to deliver that training session 
  • Test the trainer's ability on how he/she thinks that the training can be evaluated according to a model like Kirkpatricks.
Would love to hear from fellow trainers or training managers

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