Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Yes we know customer service is important but

How many organisations are:
  •  reminding staff that customer service is important ?
  •  reminding staff that customers have a choice and don’t have to do business with us ?
  •  rolling out customer programmes repeating the above and more ?

How many colleagues are saying we know, we get it, tell us something we don’t know ? Giving a great customer experience will ensure that customers come back time and time again, which is good for the business and then surely good for staff ?

So here’s the conundrum – why is it when I go into certain stores, I’m met with at best indifference or at worst a sullen and morose face who can't be bothered ?  Clearly there’s a disconnect between the organisation what it says it stands for and its customer facing staff. Why is that ? 

Could it be that ?
  • Staff see management or senior leadership modelling behaviours that are far from customer centric. If they can’t be bothered, why should we they think ?
  • Customer facing staff are prevented from giving great service because management ask them to do other things that conflict with them giving great service e.g. in retail sometimes stocking shelves and working stock/delivery is prioritised above serving and helping customers.
  • Staff feel let down by management, who have made promises and not kept them.
  • Staff feel they have no say in the way their daily tasks are done 
  • Employees don’t feel listened to or that their ideas are never given air time 
  • Colleagues see the organisation making huge profits but personally feel undervalued in terms of their remuneration.
  • There are no perceived  career or personal development opportunites.
What do you think the reasons for the lack of engagement amongst customer facing staff are  ? I would love to hear your thoughts

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