Thursday, 3 July 2014

John Lewis, where's your passion gone? Your twitter peeps are robots

I found a suit jacket I loved in john Lewis Cardiff but to my disappointment not a matching pair of, what Paul Hogan would call, strides.

The customer representative in menswear, Dan, proactively offered to look online for me. Customer delight ensued. 

He then rang and put me on to the Southampton store to complete my order. From my postcode they were able to find my address (joined up thinking) more customer delight

So delighted was I, that I bought 3 shirts and two ties (that I hadn't planned to) plus the suit that I had wanted to buy.

As a result of Dan's actions one suit sale achieved /rescued £158 plus an additional £100. Happy Chief Financial Officer.

Absolutely delighted,  I decided to tweet my satisfaction to @johnlewisretail. From a reward and recognition perspective I believe  it is important to catch people doing it  right : and to reward, recognise and positively reinforce the right behaviours. So I make a point of commenting and recognising great experiences because it is all so easy to focus only on what went wrong.

I didn’t tweet my delight for egotistical purposes and to get a retweet but moreover to say well done to John Lewis for having employees who live the brand values.

So i was rather non-plussed by the bland reply of  "thank you we'll pass it on". Surely a bit more delight and passion for Dan's actions from the twitter peep would have been in keeping with my expectations and the cultivated brand image.

I now feel that I have been knowingly undersold. Not what I expected from John Lewis. Has something gone wrong in the recruitment of their twitter peeps.

What do you think ?


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