Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The customer is bothering you right ?

Regretting the decision not to purchase a bamboo style in-tray in a large UK Supermarket store a few weeks before, I decided to have a look online. After searching on a few retail sites I eventually found what I had been looking for at Rymans. I duly ordered so I could collect the item in store as it was close to where I was working at the time

A few days later, I found myself quite close to the store and even though I hadn’t heard anything, I thought I’d enquire to see if my item had arrived.

I approached the desk and was greeted courteously by the assistant. I was explaining the reason for my visit when, a lady verbally cut across rudely saying “deliveries don’t come in until Thursday”. That was me told and clearly this lady (the Store Manager) couldn’t wait to get me out of the store as she clearly had something more important to do than helping customers.

Well, I had a choice I suppose, I could go home and cancel my order or I could come back on Thursday. I decided to come back on Thursday after I received the email confirmation.

I left work at 5pm on that Thursday and arrived at the store around 5.20 to be greeted with “ the store shuts in 10 minutes”. I was determined to get my item and in the 9 minutes and 50 seconds that remained I made my way to the counter and collected it.

I won’t be using Rymans again based on the interactions in the Cardiff store.

Perhaps someone needs to explain to the staff in this store that if customers stop walking through the door, then the staff will have something more important to do with their time i.e. find a new job.

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