Saturday, 5 July 2014

Your continued business is important to us. That's why the AA wanted to charge me more.

£201 for home start, roadside assistance and relay to renew my AA cover seemed a bit steep to me.

So i went online and found the cover for £134 with the RAC.

I called the AA and was told because I was a loyal customer and they would like to keep me that they would see if there were any special online deals at the moment.

£134 was their best prize which I eagerly snapped up.

The more I reflected on it the more i started to get cross. If I hadn't rang up then my loyalty would have been rewarded by paying £65 more for my cover.

Apathy and customer inertia are not reasons for charging me £201. How does that reward loyalty and make me feel valued?.

Give me the best available price at Renewal. This leaves a nasty taste.

Message to the AA treat existing customers fairly and reward me for loyalty with your best price.

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